The Siamese Cat

The Siamese Cat is a beautifully balanced and elegant cat with colour on the points (face, ears, legs and tail), a pale body and deep blue eyes. A Siamese should never be small and lightweight, it should be very firm and muscular – always feeling heavier than it looks. They are devoted companions, loyal and trusting, extremely intelligent, full of character and very vocal. Your Siamese will demand to be involved with anything and everything – convinced that he knows best. He will ensure that the household is arranged to suit his requirements and will remonstrate in no uncertain terms if it is not! Siamese love to play, and will often retrieve a favourite toy – very rarely tiring before you do. Once tired however he will flop down wherever he fancies – preferably somewhere warm of course - and if he has other feline companions usually in a heap! Owners of Siamese have often been heard to say 'life would never be the same without one' – so very true!