History of the Club

The inaugural meeting of the club took place on 16th January 1901. We celebrated our Centenary on 16th January 2001. We were the first specialist club formed to cater solely for Siamese Cats. Unfortunately our Minute Books only go back as far as 1924 and we can only assume that those prior to this were lost in the First World War. The club's logo, still used today, appears to have been designed by Major Sydney Woodiwise, an early Secretary of the club, and was first used during the 1930's.

We are a founder member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy which came into existence in 1910, and as such is one of the few clubs to have a delegate to Council irrespective of its membership numbers.

Until 1962 the club was responsible for the appointment of all Siamese Judges, which right it relinquished when the first Joint Advisory Committee, SCJAC (Siamese Cat Joint Advisory Committee) as we know it today, was founded. The club is a member of the SCJAC and represents all colours of Siamese on all matters relating to the Siamese Registration Policy, Standard of Points and Judge appointments.

Our continued existence all these years later is due to the dedication of founder members, and those who kept the club up and running during the First and Second World Wars. Between 1939 and 1945 the club continued to function – committee meetings and club business was conducted as usual. Those fortunate enough to own cars were mainly unable to use them due to petrol rationing, but nevertheless queens were mated and kittens bred - there are stories of stud owners transporting their studs in old prams to serve queens!

Many of you who collect books will no doubt have read Mrs Phyllis Wade's book 'The Siamese Cat' published in 1934 and considered, at the time, to be one of the most instructive and practical books on cats ever written. Mrs Wade was Secretary of the club from 1928-30, and also Chairman of the club from 1930-40 the year she died following a long illness. Another of our Secretaries Mrs Mary Dunnill Secretary between 1960 and 1977, wrote 'The Siamese Cat Owner's Encyclopedia' which was used by many as 'Chapter & Verse' in those days!

The above information has been taken from the Siamese Cat Club Archives